My name is Stella and I am a red heeler mix

Hello, my name is Stella and I am a Red Heeler/Border Collie/Airedale mix. I love to run and bark and herd my humans and my Jack Russell older brother around the house. I like to go hiking on trails in the Pine Barons, especially in the Forked River Mountains. I love love love to swim in the cedar creek in Double Trouble State Park. I am working on my manners with Donna from DOGS NEED RULES of Monmouth and Ocean County and I have gotten better if I do say so myself! Since I am a rescue my Mom gave me a birthdate. July 31st 2009 Apparently it is the birthday of her favorite literary character.
On a side note, my Mommy likes to hijack my blog and post about some of her favorite shows, so sorry about that in advance.
Bark, Stella

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#jrt #jackrussell #jackrussellterrier

#jrt #jackrussell #jackrussellterrier


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